The Red Cross

When you are thinking about the largest charity organizations in the world one of the first that likely comes to mind is the Red Cross. Their mission started as a not-for-profit organization that sought to help those that were vulnerable for one reason or another throughout the world. The charity started in Switzerland when Henry Dunant witnessed the suffering of fighters in an Italian battle in 1859. From then on one of the mandates was to help those in times of war. But now the organization has expanded to offer services to those who can't afford low-income housing those who need fresh drinking water in central Africa.

Those thinking of donating some of their own income to a charity organization should always research where their money is truly going. In terms of the Red Cross, they assess the need of disaster areas and give money to the areas where they feel that it will be the most beneficial. While this usually means that eventually the money that you donated will be going towards Haiti relief efforts or those in Chili it might take some time. Experts say that of the over $400 million the Red Cross collected during the Haiti Relief Drive, only a quarter of the money has since been spent.

If you are someone who looks to supporting efforts in your own country before helping those outside than you will be happy to learn that the Red Cross has all sorts of initiatives in place across Canada. You might find a person donating their time to helping with Red Cross Youth or could yourself sign up for one of their first-aid training courses. The Red Cross also leads many blood drives throughout the country and supports a number of humanitarian issues.

We all know that it can be a privilege to give back to the world around you and with the Red Cross there are many chances to do just that with a donation of funds or your time. Unlike some larger charities that focus on online Christian counselling or bringing the message of God throughout the world, the Red Cross has no religious affiliations. That means that anyone, no matter where they are from, can support this organization.

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Sunday, July 21, 2024