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As a business owner, have you thought to yourself that you would like to donate to charity but just don't have the time to go out and volunteer your services? Or, as someone who owns a rental hall, have you wanted to give to some local charities but just weren't sure how to go about it? It's not like you'd be the first person that wanted to donate to charity but didn't know how or didn't have time to do so.

Running a successful business can be pretty time consuming. Whatever free time you have, and it's usually not a lot, is used to spend time with your family or finding ways to improve the business. We do have a suggestion though that might work. Our idea will not only let you give to charity but it will also make you not feel guilty about not having the time to volunteer your services. Are you ready for it?

Our suggestion is to become a sponsor. There are plenty of opportunities that can be found in your community that allows for your business to become a community sponsor. You can buy little league baseball teams new uniforms that have your name on them. Every team needs new uniforms or new equipment and you can donate those items to them through a community donation sponsorship program. There are plenty of companies that sponsor little league teams. It doesn't have to be just for baseball, it could be for other sports such as hockey, football, or soccer.

Another way in which you can become a sponsor is by supporting a local marathon or other fundraising event. Pledge to donate a certain portion of some of the goods you sell to the charity marathon organizers. Or put a team together and participate in the event (and collect pledges from supporters). It's a fun way to give back to the community. It's also a great team-building exercise, and a good way to improve your corporate image in your own community. Rick Ashworth at Wheels Automotive has seen for himself how putting a work team together and outfitting them in custom jerseys to participate in a community fundraiser reaps benefits for more than just the supported charity. There are always marathons being put on to help support a wide range of worthy causes. Just find one that you are passionate about.

Becoming a corporate community sponsor is easy and fun and gives you a great sense of accomplishment. There aren't too many greater feelings out there for a business owner than the feeling of joy and happiness you get when you hand over a check to a charity or bag full of brand new sporting goods to a little league team. Communities depend on their citizens to keep them thriving and to help grow. Charity organizations can go a long way to help the causes they are fighting for through the generous support provided by corporate sponsorships.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2024