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First of all, good for you for deciding that you will take some of your hard earned money and donate it to an organization that can help those who have less means than yourself. It's sometimes difficult for those who have little money and are saving for their retirement to find that little extra to give to those less fortunate. This site is dedicated to making your quest for the right organization for you as easy as possible, and to that end we have divided the information up into several different categories. In this section, we will detail the ways in which you can help children and educational causes through charity organizations, from those down the street to those in the third world. Those living in Canada for example, have several different charitable organizations set up for local, provincial, national, and international purposes. Many of the biggest names in charitable organizations have their local offices based in the city. Let's take a look at what we mean when we talk about organizations that deal with children and education.


When it comes to charitable giving, the world has always shown a vast preference for those organizations concentrating on the needs of children. This is fairly understandable; no matter what your perspective is when it comes to those of less means, children can be accounted blameless for their condition.

One of the primary concerns of organizations across the world today is the fact that many children find themselves in the role of parents. This is particularly true of places like Africa, where the adult population has been decimated by the spread of AIDS and HIV. Donations made to charitable organizations focused on children can help these kids obtain the basic necessities they and their families need to survive day to day, as well as help them gain access to mentors who can teach them how to make a better life for themselves. While it would be almost impossible for a child to lose their parents and have to sell their home to feed themselves, children take on adult roles in the third world daily.

Of course, planned giving to charities that focus on children will usually mean that part of your money will go towards the education of children targeted by that charity. This follows the old maxim "give a person a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will eat forever". In other words, an education can help a child contribute to his or her well-being long after passing into adulthood. They have a chance to get beyond making lifting slings every day for pennies. It may also help to improve the overall economy of the area in which the child lives.


While education is often an integral part of any charitable giving where children are concerned, there are educational organizations that have been set up that have little to do with poverty. Many extra curricular activities at all scholastic levels depend on donations made by members of the public. High school sports teams, university libraries, lab equipment, and even books are often made possible through the charitable donations of private parties who wish to support this type of activity within their own community.

This section will contain information on different organizations in Ontario that have been set up to funnel contributions to both children's causes and the furthering of different aspects of education. It will look at not only the details of the organization, but where you can go to make your donations. Start off by reading through some information provided by the Ontario government in regards to charitable giving. Find it here

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