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We have divided this site into sections that can prove helpful when it comes to identifying the charitable cause which you would like to donate to. We have four basic categories. The first three cover perhaps the biggest areas when it comes to charitable organizations Ontario has endorsed; for the most part these organizations are set up to alleviate the immediate suffering of people through assistance provided by donations.

There are several other types of organizations, however, which deal with matters that are of concern to people but which may not mean life and death in the immediate sense for members of the human population. Someone living in Toronto, for example, has access to thousands of charitable organizations. You will find these charitable organizations under this category; let's take a quick look at a couple of different types.

Environmental organizations

While this type of charitable organization may not directly affect the immediate survival of the human race or portions of it, there are those that argue that these organizations are behind efforts to preserve our long term survival. In some cases, these societies are seeking to preserve the Earth as we know it, either in terms of ecology or preservation. These are the charities for those that have switched to eco friendly products to reduce energy consumption, to those who refuse to buy product made from animal skin, like a leather purse or snake skin boots. Here are some of the sub-categories.

    Wildlife: All over the world, plants and animals are in danger of disappearing forever. Many people find organizations focusing on the non-human, yet still living populations of the world a good alternative when it comes to the opportunity to donate. Ontario has its share of offices and organizations dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and its habitats worldwide, from studies done in the 30,000 Islands to ones in third world countries.

    Research: As humans begin to fully understand that the life on our planet is inextricably intertwined, we also see the importance of research when it comes to understanding these interconnections. Scientific research organizations have been set up that seek to understand the impact of humans on our environment and how we can minimize our ecological footprint.

Domestic Animals

The well being of our furry friends also concerns a good portion of the charitable organizations. These charities focus on those with no means to help themselves, namely domesticated animals. They are different than the wildlife-focused charities in that they are primarily concerned with animals that are household pets, although many of these organizations will become involved when humans and local wildlife come into contact. Look at WWF.ca for example.

Speaking of local wildlife, there are dozens of animal shelters, zoos, and game parks that rely on the planned giving undertaken by the public each year. Maybe you can't have a pet in that dream home listing but still want to help out. While many charities dedicated to animals and the environment take second place to those that help humans, they are still very important parts of the charitable organization mosaic.

Arts Organizations and Sports

There are also dozens of different organizations that have been set up to support local groups in your community. When you donate to Ontario charity efforts that fall under the community organization category, you are often helping to improve the overall health and wellness of your local community.

These and other categories are what you can expect to find information on in this section of our site. Again, thank you for your consideration and your interest in charitable giving

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