Setting Up a Work Charity

Any good place of employment provides a number of opportunities to its employees. We are talking about more than the basics here. Most employers will offer basic coverage for injuries on the job, but that is largely due to government regulations. Some take the next step up, offering their employees vacation pay and then different benefits. Next we have access to company paid anger management programs, safety programs (such as WHMIS), and so on. And of course up at the top there are the companies whose employees seem to get everything. Many thanks to Innovative Global Vision (web design in London) for their advice on our own site.

Many companies also contribute in a big way to people who are less fortunate within their own communities -- a dentist might provide donations of services to local children whose parents can't afford dental care, or offer special discounts to certain patient groups. And then there are others who use their skills to do charitable work around the world, like a dentist who has offered dental screenings to impoverished children at a rural orphanage in Botswana.

Do you work in a place where you have a lot provided for you, and want to help pass on that love to people who might not be so lucky? You could think about setting up a work charity so that you can provide more needy people with aid where they really need it.

Getting your company organized for a local charity is probably a lot easier than you think. If you work for an large firm or a company where research and approach is a skill honed every day, the job is made even easier.

First of all, you have to make sure you are organizing with a charity that the people you work with can really get behind. That will probably mean finding out where their interests and sympathies lie. This can be a bit tricky, because you don't want to impose on people, and charities can sometimes be quite personal. For example, someone in your office may have MS (Multiple Sclerosis) or another degenerative illness. You want to support them, but without making them feel like the poster person for your efforts.

So ask discreet questions around the office before you make a short list of causes. Once you get a feel for what people are interested in, call for a vote on that short list.

This will give you something really concrete to work with. Once your office has identified a specific area to work with a charity in, you can start researching different charities. This is probably the hardest part of the process (well second hardest), as not all charities put money and efforts into the same places. You don't want the money you and your co workers donate going to pay for some huge CEO's salary instead of to the people who need it, so look carefully into how the charity spends donations.

Once you find a few good ones, it's time for another vote. Highlight the strengths of the charity as you see them to the other people working at your company. The rest is easy, because the charity itself can set you up with everything you need for tax purposes and so on. If you need some financial advice you can speak with the good people at Cannect. They offer private debt consolidation loan in Toronto. All you have to do is keep people fired up about the help you are providing!

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