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Although there are a number of different charitable organizations Ontario has officially registered, there are few more popular than those seeking to ensure the basic survival of humans across the globe. This site seeks to bring you information on the different options you have when it comes to donating your money to charities, and in this section we will take a look at organizations set up to support those struggling with basic survival issues.

Hunger & Thirst

Although humans need several different features in order to truly survive long term, few things are more important for survival than food and water. Hunger has always been at the heart of the charitable organization movement, as it is one of the most visible phenomena among suffering people today. There are organizations that feed people locally without charge and those that provide clean water to developing nations.

Hunger is an immediate concern. No matter whether you are talking about the less fortunate at the local or the international level, people cannot survive for very long without food and clean drinking water. Moreover, their life expectancy can be significantly reduced if they do not receive the right kinds of food and nutrition. Third world nations not only don't have the food to feed all of their people, they don't even have the vehicles to get donated food to the right places. This is why it is important to choose the right recipients for your donation.

The charity organizations dedicated to fighting hunger at home and abroad are detailed in this section. From local soup kitchens to powerful aid organizations that operate on a global scale, these charities seek to alleviate the immediate suffering of those who cannot afford, grow, or find their own food, or who don't have reliable access to safe water. And then there is the need for environmental clean up to make the land safe for growing. The problem of hunger continues to grow all over the world. Recent food riots in Somalia, Haiti, and other countries demonstrate just how pressing the problem continues to be, despite decades of efforts in fighting it. As with other types of organizations, those set up to fight world hunger also seek to alleviate it in the long term. Developing new and inexpensive methods for water treatment could make a difference for future farming. Donations may be used in the immediate sense to provide rations, or to build a well, or in long term planning to eradicate hunger in an area altogether.


Health is also at the very heart of human survival. While lack of correct nutrition will cause immediate short-term consequences, medical problems will also serve to negate survival in the long term. One can forget about this when they are living in a country with a strong healthcare system.

The problem with health concerns across the world is that they are an expensive proposition. There are a myriad of life threatening diseases all over the world. The most prominent of these epidemics is probably AIDS, which claims millions of lives each year. The drug screening and medication needed to alleviate AIDS symptoms is costly and is needed virtually everywhere on the globe. In addition, doctors, nurses, and other health professionals need to be funded, in order to carry on their work. Donations to health charities help make medication and professionals available to those who could not otherwise afford it.

In addition, donations to health charities are used to advance health education in many areas. Again, the example of AIDS is an important one. The incidents of AIDS passage in many areas has been significantly reduced when the population is educated as to exactly how the HIV virus is passed along and who it is likely to infect. An online donation to a health charity therefore works both in the long and short term. Short term, it can help alleviate those suffering from a disease. Long term, populations can learn how to reduce their chances of infection by deadly diseases.

Both hunger and health are of concern not only within the international community but here at home as well. Those suffering from the effects of MS, Alzheimer's, Lou Gehrig's disease, and other afflictions can all benefit from contributions made to respective charities. Our website is supported by

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